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SUGA Cooperates with CONCEPT INFINITY to Launch Personalized Children’s Storybook Brand “Read My Name”

2015-07-31 | SUGA News

SUGA International Holdings Limited (“SUGA” or the “Group”, stock code: 912), announced to partner with Concept Infinity Limited (“Concept Infinity”) to introduce the world’s first children’s adventure and learning storybook customisation service “Power of Name” by using an exclusive proprietary patented artificial intelligence system and the latest digital printing technology.

“Read My Name” is the first brand launched under “Power of Name” storybook customisation service. The brand integrates advanced technologies into education by adopting the genetic algorithm technique, a patented technology solely developed by Concept Infinity, to compile the content of the story. The storybook series then takes reference to the genetic material combination principle and creates and sorts the content of the storybooks with the English names of the children by using more than 3,000 built-in storylines and English vocabulary in the system. This patented technology creates unlimited sets of unique personalised storybooks even when more than one child shares the same name. During the process of creating personalised storybooks, children can explore new knowledge and new things as well as deepen self-awareness and understanding, thereby helping them cultivate positive values and realise their potential through harnessing the “Power of Name”.

Dr. C. H. Ng, Chairman of SUGA, said, “We are delighted to cooperate with Concept Infinity. As strategic investor, since our inception, we have been actively developing an education-related business. One area we have concentrated on is cooperating with business partners to develop and produce interactive educational products for them. We think that the educational products market has a strong demand, and the special concept of the “Read My Name” personalised storybook series developed by Concept Infinity perfectly matches our strategy of focusing on developing unique products. Looking ahead, we believe the cooperation between SUGA and Concept Infinity will create synergies and bring exciting new market opportunities and considerable investment return to the Group.”

Dr. Ng continued, “Subsequent to SUGA became strategic investor of Concept Infinity, we are pleased to have known that Google Venture has injected US$9 million of capital (about HK$70 million) into “Lost My Name,” an innovative technology publication company in London. “Lost My Name” and “Power of Name” share the similar concept, with greater differentiation of the latter which ensures that each book created by the same name has a unique content. Google Venture’s investment clearly demonstrates its strong confidence in the related market. We are also confident that Concept Infinity can launch more creative products in the future to capture greater market share.”


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