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SUGA Interactive Flat Panel Product Release

2015-10-17 | Sugatek
On Dec 17th 2015, SUGA is proudly release its own state-of-the-art interactive flat panel. SUGA’s interactive flat panel (IFP) helps create interests and motivations in studies, making lessons more effective. With 4K UHD resolution, our IFP enable teachers deliver lectures with no ambiguity. With built-in Android system and WiFi, our IFP helps teachers prepare their teaching materials by having immediate access to online resources. The WiFi connectivity also enables quick assessment and immediate feedback. As the IFP supports 10-points multi-touch feature, teachers can present clear demonstration to students in the class via writings or drawings. The multi-touch facilitates group studies as well, further enhancing students’ learning experience.
Key Features:
  • Multiple size: 65’’, 70’’, 75’’, 84’’
  • 1080P and 4K resolution to choose
  • 6-point and 10-point multi-touch support
  • Custom Android OS
  • Patented stylish design
  • Exquisite workmanship
Private labeling and OEM is welcome. Please kindly contact Mr. Harry Ling harryling@suga.com.cn for more details.