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2017-12-18 |

HappyPaws, a pet care product brand of new generation electronics total solutions provider Suga International Holdings Limited (“SUGA” or the “Group”) (stock code: 912), will be title sponsoring ViuTV’s upcoming TV show “Best Flying Furries BFF”, offering a host of products such as its own brand pet food “Brabanconne”, wearable gauging device PETBLE® SmartTag, natural pet food Alfa Pet and pet leash product Max & Molly, showing in action SUGA’s deepest care for pets and their owners. The TV show features a trip to France and Germany made by the program hosts with their pet, so the audience would come to know what they should heed when taking their pets on trips overseas. The 16-episode TV show will be aired on ViuTV at 10:30pm every Saturday starting 23 December:

  • Episodes 1 & 2 will talk about things to note before taking one’s pet travelling, including immigration restrictions, the policies and arrangements of different airlines, vaccination for pets and useful information about the daily needs of pets while travelling, etc.
  • Episodes 3 to 7 were shot in Berlin, Germany, a city ever-changing and where life has many colours, where restrictions on pets are few in public areas and places for pets to visit and live are easy to find. Viewers will learn in detail the immigration rules, transportation arrangements and selection of hotels for pets
  • In episodes 8 to 12, the hosts and their pet take the train crossing the border into romantic Paris and an emerging small town Nantes in France. Apart from picnicking at the heel of the Eiffel Tower, the hosts also take their pet to a range of activities such as a spa and have selfies taken at cycling attractions
  • Apart from the interaction between the pet and its owners, the show will also cover the travelling experience of the humans without their pet. Episodes 13 to 14 will be about the self-drive tour in Schwarzwald, Germany and various outdoor activities there
  • Towards the end of the many days’ tour in Europe, it’s time to go home. Episodes 15 and 16 are about the preparation to make before the return trip, including taking the pet dog to the veterinarian for a check-up, and transportation arrangements and relevant entry procedures. The hosts will be asked their feelings about the trip so that the audience may better understand the experience of travelling overseas with pets
Mr. Anthony Ng, General Manager of Pet Business of SUGA, said, “In recent years, drawing on its professional edges in electronics technology, the Group has developed a series of smart pet electronic products such as the smart pet feeder PETBLE® SmartBowl and the wearable gauging device PETBLE® SmartTag, designed to improve the living quality and health of pets. Also, via the products, big data can be gathered and analyzed to help us with product research and development. The Group’s own pet food brand Brabanconne and smart pet product series PETBLE® have been welcomed by the market since their debut. We are delighted to be the sponsor, for both title and products, of the program. We hope more pet owners can know more about Brabanconne and our PETBLE® series after watching on TV the real life responses of pets using our products. The Group will continue to step up efforts in product promotion and research and development, presenting the brands across China to the ultimate end of creating long-term value and revenue for shareholders.”
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