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Espetsso Joins Hong Kong Pet Show 2021 and Organises Online “Pet Show Thanksgiving Festival”, Strong Online Sales amid COVID-19 Boost Turnover by over 30% Last Year & Happypaws Officially Opens Online Shop

2021-04-21 |
Espetsso Limited (“Espetsso”), a subsidiary of Suga International Holdings Limited (“SUGA” or “the Group”), participated in the Hong Kong Pet Show 2021, and organised simultaneously an online “Pet Show Thanksgiving Festival” during which pet foods and products were sold to pet lovers at special prices. Happypaws, which is under SUGA, also officially opened its online shop that offers the retail and wholesale of pet products.
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the Hong Kong Pet Show, which was originally scheduled to be held in February 2020 but postponed, was finally held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 15 to 18 April 2021. Over 400 booths were set up during the four-day event and showcased different pet food and products. Espetsso also organised an online “Pet Show Thanksgiving Festival” between 15 and 30 April 2021 during which special offers were provided to pet owners who are unable to attend the Pet Show in person. Members may get a 12% discount per order and an additional discount on promotional items.
Espetsso’s turnover has increased by more than 30% last year since many consumers have turned to online shopping amid the pandemic. Looking ahead, Espetsso will continue exploring more brands for its online shop so as to offer more quality and diversified choices to consumers.
In addition, Happypaws officially opened its online shop in late 2020 and offered the retail and wholesale of quality pet food products, including cat food, dog food and natural and healthy snacks to pet owners and merchants. The online shop introduced a wide array of special brands, including the exclusively-distributed Korean pet food brand “FoodyWorm”. The brand has its own farm, cultivation field and scientific research team which supports the development of healthy and innovative pet food products. Its online shop even provides attentive “free shipping on specific dates and to specific regions” and “online vet consultation” services to users. Going forward, Happypaws will launch more new functions to enhance user experience.
Espetsso shows off pet food brand “Brabanconne” at the Pet Show 2021.
Espetsso products draw keen interest from pet owners despite the COVID-19 pandemic.