We have been helping electronic brand-owners and manufacturers worldwide to bring high quality products to customers. Leveraging our core competences in electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and profound production base in China, SUGA has strategically expanded and diversified its businesses to offer Product Solutions and Services for electronic market primarily and Sales and Distribution Services in pet market.


Our Business



Suga International Holdings Limited is a leading electronics total solutions provider listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in September 2002 (stock code: 912). The Group mainly engages in research and development, manufacturing and sale of electronic products, and operates pet-related business. Also, the Group makes other strategic investments synergistic with its existing businesses. Over the years, the Group has obtained green certifications including ISO 14001, QC 080000, RoHS & WEEE Compliance, GPMS and Green Mark certificates. Currently, it has customers from the US, Japan, the UK, Germany, Australia, the Greater China region, etc. To cope with evolving technology development and continuous market growth, the Group actively integrates the production lines of both Suga High-tech Industrial Park and Suga’s Vietnam factory to achieve the balanced and diverse product mix. We believe that with the expansion of production capacity in Vietnam, the Group's production efficiency and benefits will also be further demonstrated.


Suga Electronics Limited provides advanced electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and specializes in producing high quality electronics products spanning IoT assets tracking, management and applications products, professional audio equipment, digital A/V products, Wi-Fi and RF products, telecommunications products and smart cards, NFC-enabled products and cordless hair straightener. Suga Electronics offers OEM and ODM solutions, providing one-stop services from research and development, electronic and mechanical products and design services, production engineering to quality control, material supply chain and logistic services to customers.

We have a deep understanding of customers’ requirement in scalability, flexibility, adaptability and quality. The Group is equipped with a variety of advanced facilities such as SMT and auto insertion machines, manual insertion lines, casing assembly lines, reliability and functional testing equipment, shield rooms, shield boxes, burn-in room, ultrasonic welding, bonding machines, etc. to manage a broad range of specifications for different products.


WePet International Holdings Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, upholds the philosophy of “Caring for Pets, Technology for Pets”, uses innovative technologies to build a comprehensive pet healthcare ecosystem, and provides all-round pet-related products and services to pet owners. WePet undertakes OEM/ODM series of electronic pet training products, research and development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of pet food, accessories and smart electronic products, establishes and develops related social media and e-commerce platforms and sets up pet insurance products (https://www.petblecare.com/en/).

For pet smart electronics, smartphone applications and social platforms, WePet has developed PetNfans, the world’s first product combining advantages of smartphone apps and web portals, and its business mainly covers retailing of ODM products with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, designing smartphone apps for customers who have developed Bluetooth products, manufacturing of Bluetooth 4.0-enabled products which can be used with smartphone apps, and consultation services on creation of new business models. Company details can be found on the website: https://www.petble.com/

WePet is also engaged in the distribution of pet food and supplies and developing related social media and e-commerce platforms, aiming at bringing healthy and natural pet food to pet owners in Hong Kong, Japan and mainland China. WePet provides customers with imported or domestic pet-care products through online and offline distribution services, and owns multiple brands of pet food and hygiene products. Hot brands include Brabanconne, Salican, Petzential, TeenyTiny, Boreal, Smack, Weruva, Alfa Pet, The Gift for Life, 植物之芯, etc.. In addition, WePet also provides services such as culture, pet information and advertising through its popular online pet channels.

The missions of WePet are: enhancing pets’ quality of life and catering to their needs; giving back to the communities by actively participating in social services; building corporate culture which encourages our staff to learn and grow with the company; expanding within Asia based on our deep roots in Hong Kong. For details, please visit: http://www.happypaws.com.hk , https://www.espetsso.com/hk/