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SUGA Technology Implemented E- Kanban System/Real Time Production Monitor System

2015-01-01 | Sugatek

While our counterparties are still using manual Kanban whiteboard to set targets and write down actual production quantities nowadays, we had moved to next level to use Electronic Kanban system in 2014. E-Kanban system had been developed independently by SUGA to monitor production in real time according to the actual production conditions. E-kanban systems had been integrated into our enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, enabling real-time demand signaling across the supply chain and improved visibility. It preferably optimizes the manufacturing management mode and strengthens the process of production control. Refined management enhances the cooperation among different departments, which greatly increases the working efficiency, improves the timeliness and accuracy of collecting and analyzing production data and avoids artificial intervention. Consequently, E-Kanban system helps standardize our enterprise management and take control of real time production information to find and solve the problems in time. It also helps establish a specific platform between production site and management team, providing immediate information for managers to make quick decisions and enhancing our competitiveness.