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2017-08-27 |
Launches Innovative “Step Count for Pet Food” Program
 Takes Care of Pets’ Comprehensive Health Needs
Suga International Holdings Limited (“SUGA” or the “Group”) (stock code: 912), has participated in Pet Fair Asia 2017 for four consecutive days starting from 24 August 2017, during which the Group introduced its proprietary “Brabanconne” (爸媽寵) pet food brand as well as its “Chongmi Liuliu” (寵米遛遛) smart pet GPS tracking device to pet lovers in mainland China.
The fair was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center and concluded today. Pet Fair Asia, a major annual event for the pet industry in mainland China, attracts more than 80,000 pet lovers yearly. This year, 950 exhibitors took part, including pet supplies manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, as well as 28,000 professionals.
In recent years, the Group has viewed the pet market and its growth potential in mainland China and Hong Kong favorably, and has been dedicated to building a comprehensive pet business ecosystem. The formula used for the Group’s own “Brabanconne” pet food brand was specially developed for the physical wellbeing of pets in Asia. Manufactured in Belgium, the product was launched in March 2017 and has been sold in 11 first-tier cities in mainland China via a sales network that now covers more than 100 physical stores as well as various prominent online stores. In addition, SUGA has leveraged its R&D capability, which it honed through its past years in the electronics industry, to develop the “Chongmi Liuliu” smart pet GPS tracking device. This product combines the Internet of Things (IoT) technology with the “Chongmi” smart pet social media app, thus allowing pet owners to track the location of their pets via GPS to prevent them from getting lost. Crowdfunded through JD Equity Crowdfunding at the end of July this year, the device can also monitor the amount of pets’ physical activities, so as to improve their health. Moreover, the Group launched a special-edition Brabanconne GPS device at the fair. Apart from featuring the “Chongmi Liuliu” GPS function, the special-edition model is designed to monitor the dietary habit of pets and is equipped with a special mobile app for collecting big data, which is used for conducting analysis. The findings in turn result in specific recommendations given to pet owners for feeding their pets.
With the health of pets in mind, SUGA has also introduced an innovative “Step Count for Pet Food” program that aims at encouraging pets to get more exercise. Starting from today, all Chongmi registered users can record the number of steps taken by their pets each day via “Chongmi Liuliu”. They can redeem free Brabanconne pet food once their pets reach a prescribed number of steps. Details of the program are available in a notice found in the Chongmi app.


Dr. C H Ng, Chairman of SUGA, said, “Brabanconne has received positive response from the market since its debut in March this year. Our participation in the fair has allowed more consumers to learn about Brabanconne and ‘Chongmi Liuliu’. What’s more, in demonstrating how our products can complement each other, we have highlighted the strength of the Group’s comprehensive pet business ecosystem. We are also pleased that quite a few visitors expressed their appreciation for our products during the past few days of the fair. In particular, our “Step Count for Pet Food” program which integrates technology into daily life reflects the Group’s sincere concern for pets and their owners. This program has earned high praise, thus reaffirming the position that we took was correct. In the future, the Group will dedicate still greater R&D and promotional efforts on pet products. We will promote our products across mainland China and bring value to consumers and shareholders.”


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