Pet SmartBowl

SUGA was asked by SGI Venture to help develop a pet bowl that informs owners how much their pets eat. This information is valuable as it can help keep pets in good health.
The first step was to research the pet market. This was done to learn how owners feed their pets and identify what features were essential in the product for market success. It was quickly clear that as many owners keep more than one pet, the bowl, in addition to recording how much was being eaten, needed to identify which pet was eating from it.
The second step was to generate concepts and a distinct design language flexible enough to be used in other products that the company wanted to design. Following this, working prototypes of the most promising concepts were made and tested with real pets in home environments.
After much refinement, the final result was the SmartBowl: an innovative, Bluetooth enabled bowl with a built‑in electronic scale. The bowl identified different pets by the special collar tags they wore. The bowl was made from food grade plastic and had a detachable eating container that could be cleaned in the dishwasher.



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