Pro Audio Products

SUGA has a long history in developing professional audio products and has helped many of the world’s top brands bring products to the marketplace. We understand that audio products must not only look good but integrate seamlessly with the process of creating music.
Be it a microphone, pad controller, USB interface or any other audio device, we have the expertise to develop it for you. We are masters at creating high-quality products that musicians, podcasters and recording engineers love.
Over the years, SUGA has been awarded numerous patents that relate to professional audio. A few recent ones are:

Detachable Amplifier/Speaker (ZL 2015 2 0372186.3)
Wireless Signal Receiver (ZL 2015 2 0372258.4)
Wireless Signal Transmitter (ZL 2015 2 0373196.9)
Mini Mixer (ZL 2015 2 0372111.5)
Portable Mixer (ZL 2015 2 0372114.9)
Wireless Signal Receiver with Modified Structure (ZL 2015 2 0373222.8)
Radio Signal Receiver (ZL 2015 2 0373332.4)
Detachable Structure of Amplifier/Speaker Cabinet (ZL 2015 20372713.0)



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