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Grand Opening Ceremony of SUGA High-tech Industrial Park in Dongguan

2014-11-13 | SUGA News

SUGA International Holdings Limited (“SUGA”/ “the Group”) (stock code: 912), held theofficial grand opening of its new plant, the “SUGA High-tech Industrial Park” in Qingxi Town, Dongguan yesterday. Mr. Huang, the Secretary of the Dongguan Municipal Government, Mr. Liang, the Mayor of Qingxi Town and guests as well as friends from the banking, investment, industrial and commercial sectors were in attendance to express strong support and witness this strategically important moment.

The completion of the High-tech Industrial Park marks a new milestone in SUGA’s development. Currently, the new plant has a total area of approximately 53,300 square metres, comprising two production complexes. Each of the complexes is six storeys tall with an average GFA of 4,000 square metres per storey. Development of Phase Two will commence at the end of this year. Moreover the third production complex will be completed by early 2016 at which time a total area of 72,000 square metres would be available for production. The plant facilities currently in Huizhou will have been moved into the High-tech Industrial Park after the completion of the third production complex. The scale of this new factory is truly impressive with a total GFA some 30% larger than the aggregate area of the Buji and Xixiang factories, while also providing a better working environment for the Group’s

2,000 employees and further improving production efficiency.

Dr. Ng Chi Ho, Chairman of SUGA, said, “SUGA High-tech Industrial Park has commenced full operation, which will be beneficial to the Group’s re-structuring production, improvement in production efficiency and optimisation of our operation and management. The Industrial Park is also equipped with leading-edge facilities and we will recruit more technical professionals, which should improve the R&D technology of our core electronic solutions as well as provide a wider range of technology-based one-stop electronic solutions to create greater value for our customers. With a clear strategy and a sound foundation in place, I believe we will be able to achieve breakthroughs and create long-term value for our shareholders.”

Mr. Ma Fung On, Deputy Chairman of SUGA, added, “I am honoured to share this meaningful moment with our guests. The completion of SUGA High-tech Industrial Park will help enhance our R&D capability and differentiate our business model from that of the traditional electronic manufacturing service provider. We will be more strongly poised for long term growth with the commencement of operation of the two new production complexes. The added production capacity will also form a solid foundation for the Group’s future development and greatly enhance our competitive advantage.”


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